Anna Barsukova

Hello my name is Anna Barsukova. I am founder of Organic Detox Bar.

You are probably wondering how I came up with the idea for Organic Detox Bar?
My first university degrees were in Law and Economics but in fact my first business was a music school that I set up in Moscow 2012 due to the fact that I myself had spent many years studying music in particular the piano and I wanted to turn my passion into a business.

Another of my great interests at the time was fashion and I was fortunate to be able to pursue a successful international modeling career for 3 years. I then felt the need to develop other business opportunities and was particularly interested in healthy eating. My many trips to the USA had given me the chance to try functional juices and detox programs, I took the opportunity to set up a business doing the same in Moscow 2014.

In parallel to this I felt it was necessary to improve my own business skills and so I embarked on an MBA course to help me develop this business in a professional way.

Following the success of Organic Religion (the Russian name) it has been franchised to Saint Petersburg and Almaty.
Subsequent to my move to Monaco and knowing that my Moscow business was in safe hands I looked for an opportunity to do the same in the principality. And here is the result!

Welcome to Organic Detox Bar!


Владимир Орлов
Vladimir Orlov
Elena Mulyavka
Manon Genoux


Tara Ostrowe
Chief nutritionist and author of the Organic Religion Detox Program

Tara Ostrowe, MS, RD is a registered dietitian and sports nutrition based in New York City who provides individual, team, family, and corporate nutrition counseling, consulting, and education to adolescents and adults. Tara specializes in areas such as sports nutrition, eating disorder management, weight management, and cardiovascular health. Her mission through lifestyle nutrition counseling is to help her clients develop healthful eating and exercise behavior changes for long term health. She believes that balance and moderation is the key to living a healthy and happy life.
Tara recognizes that everyone’s needs are unique, and therefore creates personalized and specialized nutrition plans to help clients meet their individual behavioral goals and desired outcomes. By providing a warm environment, she ensures that her clients feel completely at ease and comfortable with expressing themselves. As a dedicated nutritionist, Tara aims to empower her clients with the necessary knowledge, skills, support, and motivation to achieve and maintain their targeted goals.

Michael Pellegrino

With 22 years experience in the health and fitness industry. originally from Newcastle uk, but Now based in Monaco.
He is the founder of the elite body management centre BeFit,  
Throughout his career Michael has achieved successful results with a very broad spectrum of clients, from private and professional clients to elite athletes of many disciplines, from premiership rugby and football, models/actors preparing for shoots/movie to olympic track, field and equestrian to motor racing including GT3, GP2 and Formula 1, training the athletes for power development, competition preparation and rehabilitation.

His education is constantly being enhanced by the attendence of many seminars and courses worldwide, and by association with the worlds top doctors, chiropractors, Phisio/manual therapists and leading technical sports coaches. This ensures that his knowledge is regularly updated and on the cutting edge.
He has taught with legendary strength coach Charles Poliquin and holds seminars teaching his own 'Body Mechanic' method to trainers around the world.

Alyona Tikhonova
Anna Fill
Publicity and Marketing

Anna Fill is a born communicator and has always been passionate about giving people a voice. She created The Riviera Woman website as a platform to promote women living and working on the French and Italian Riviera. Anna studied theatre, music and drama. She spent over 3 years as a sports presenter with the BBC in London and then created her own entertainments company.

Judy Churchill
Life coach

Judy’s career has spanned many years and many continents. As teacher, trainer and coach she has worked with multinational corporations, VIPs, royalty and sports and entertainment celebrities the world over. Her areas of expertise in Emotional Intelligence, Intercultural Intelligence, Transactional Analysis and NLP have placed her in high demand with medical consultants and physicians whom she coaches in improved doctor-patient relationship skills.

Judy is a speaker of five languages and an acclaimed conference keynote speaker and writer. She also coaches clients in Public Speaking skills. As a former competitive track and field athlete she understands the benefits of physical and mental fitness and above all how to fit them into a busy lifestyle.

Mental agility and dexterity is the key to maintaining a healthy brain, achieving both personal and professional success and preventing Alzheimer’s and dementia in later life. Whether you wish to learn a new language, improve or change your current situation Judy can help you restructure your mind to lead a brain-healthy life. 

Natalie Makienko